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This page has a password.

Due to the sensitive legal requirements of pharmaceutical marketing and this client's big scary legal team, there is a password on the full project so Google doesn't pick it up and show the work out of context. However, I am proud of this project and my contributions to it, so please contact me for full access!


While at GCG Marketing, I worked on two videos designed to help one of our pharmaceutical clients explain to doctors what differentiated the active ingredients in two of their dermatological drugs (we can't say they're better, even if the science says so, which means lots of roundabout ways of saying it).

I was heavily involved from concept to final product. Once a team of us had brainstormed the general outline and goal of the videos, the writers and I collaborated closely on fleshing out the narratives. I drew and iterated on story boards to create a comprehensive shot list and communicate our vision both to the client and the video production company. Once our narrative and story boards were approved, I effectively supported the final on-site shoot with both my intimate familiarity with the project and my background in stage management and technical theater.